Hello, my name is Gene Levine, President-Director of Humane Animal Treatment Charity, Inc. and Forever My PetTM. I want to relate a short story to tell you how I've helped thousands of once brokenhearted pet owners overcome their grief. You too will be happier if you take the time to read this.

I'll begin by letting you know that all of the products we make were inspired by "Lady" a wonderful, ever-loving "mutt" who found her way into our family's heart and lived with us for 18 years before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She began her days with us by wandering into our yard with her tail wagging and laid down by my feet like she already belonged. She had no tags or title and although we tried, we couldn't locate her owner. She was so sweet and so giving of her love that we adopted her whereupon she become more than just a pet, Lady became a member of our family

She was 18 years old when she died and she didn't just pass away, no that wasn't her way. What she decided to do was to wait until she got her good morning scratch from me, she licked my fingers, and then, put her head into my palm and closed her eyes forever. How do you let the memory of such an animal fade? The answer is you don't. 

The death of this best friend, playmate, food eating machine, comedienne and trusted confidante was one of my most difficult experiences. My heartache was so great I sought professional grief counseling. My counselor explained that when someone losses a cherished animal companion that they've had for a long time it deeply affects their emotions. I was told that because my pet was such a central part my life it was important not only to memorialize Lady as a means of dealing with my grief but to also inform those people closest to me of my loss.

As time went by I started a quest to find the perfect product to memorialize my special Lady. Well, nothing I found or could purchase satisfied my needs for a "perfect" memorial. The available engraved grave stones and plaques I found were too cold and impersonal, picture frames were too limiting, and urns hardly fit my need to provide a more complete story that would pay everlasting homage to this most cherished pet. What I wanted was a lasting tribute for my special friend that I could keep in view in the home she loved so much. But alas, nothing that fit my bill was available. Maybe you're also having the same problem I had finding something that's fitting for your beloved pet.

As time went by, while still grieving, I gathered up her things; like her collar and lead, her toys and other "stuff" as well as pictures I had taken of her and put them all on a table where they sat for weeks. Each time I passed by the collection I grieved for her. Then, one day instead of my normal grieving, I looked at one of the items and a happy memory associated with that item flashed through my mind. 

Enter my artisan daughter-in-law, Kathi who said, "Dad, why not perpetually display lady's things in a beautiful display case so she would always be with you and the family?" Kathi then made a beautiful and thoughtful remembrance by placing my favorite picture of Lady along with several of Lady's key items into it. Now, whenever I look at that display, I get a lump in my throat, a tear in my eyes and a smile on my lips. That display taught me something you need to be aware of . . . that recalling pleasant memories and happy times someone had with a loving pet is a very important step in accepting the natural cycle of life and death.


Here is the original, keepsake memorial designed for my Lady, By immortalizing her in this beautiful keepsake shadow box she now remains as close to all of us who loved her as when she happily wagged her tail and jumped out of her skin whenever any of us came into her sight. When friends who had lost pets came into our home and saw Lady's remembrance they asked if one could be made for the loving pet they lost. So, that's how our business was born and gradually word of mouth fueled a growth that eventually became Forever My PetTM.   By the way, Lady's even has a virtual, online Pet Memorial in our Pets In Heaven Memorial Park by clicking here.

Over the years, Kathi has honed her skills and turning out even more beautiful memorials. She still makes each and every memorial with the same measure of compassionate love that went into Lady's. Your keepsake will be signed by Kathi. And, we are so sure that you will be pleased with Kathi's efforts we offer you a 30-day money back guarantee. 

If you read the feedback and testimonials we get you'll notice that our products ease bereavement by maintaining the most pleasant of memories thereby keeping your love story alive.

Now, with the experience we've gained through the years, we would like to immortalize your pet's memory. Let us design a very special shadow box that contains your pet's picture(s), and memorabilia that will conjure up the happy times you both had together. We have so many styles and types there's one that will surely fill you needs. Many animal compassionate people found our products to be the perfect gift to give a friend grieving over the loss of their pets; like one customer who wrote us this:

"I just came from my friend's home after giving her the shadow box keepsake you designed for 'Rusty,' her pet tabby. It was an instant, tearful hit! I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful job you did in capturing the essence of her cherished pet. I heartily recommend your most elegant and thoughtful approach to anyone seeking to memorialize their pet's memory."

As you review examples of our unique hand-made works of art you'll gain a greater understanding and appreciation for our sensitive approach to providing meaningful memories of your beloved pet. Lady would have wanted it that way.

Every order is custom made according to the specifications you'll provide on the order form. You will need to send us and insure your cherished pet's memorabilia and keepsakes that you want displayed in your remembrance. Send those keepsakes when you mail us your final instructions and payment . 

Because each order receives special attention to do your pet's display justice, please allow us a minimum of 14 working days from inception to delivery. We can handle rush orders but a premium cost is applied to expedite them.


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