Uplifting, Healing And Inspirational Poems, Prose And Pet Loss Tributes

Others have experienced and survived the very same feelings of grief that you are now experiencing. They put their feelings into words. Their thoughts can and will help to comfort you as you deal with your grief. Because they suffered the same pain, their reflections can help you to understand that your feelings are normal and to be expected.

Post a FREE
Lost Pet Alert

Did your beloved pet run away or somehow get lost? You can post a FREE lost pet alert on our website in the hope that someone will call you to reunite you both.

Virtual, Online
Pet Memorials

It's here at the exclusive, serene virtual, online, Pets In Heaven Memorial Park you can retell your favorite times together, pay tribute and memorialize your special friend and companion. Furthermore, the process of creating and posting your pet's online memorial tribute is a proven way to help you through the grieving process and to honor your beloved pet.

How To Choose The "Perfect" Memorial for Your Cherished Pet

The right memorial is one that recalls the pleasant memories and happy times you had with a loving pet is a very important step in accepting the natural cycle of life and death. You should therefore read this article when nothing you can find satisfies your need for that "perfect" memorial.

Pet Memorial
Shadow Boxes

Each one of these masterpiece shadow box memorials will be artistically created by renowned artisan; Kathi L. Each is a compassionate work of art that perfectly displays your pet's memorabilia thereby honoring your cherished pet's memory.

Letter From a Dog Lover To His Friends Who Just Learned Their Dog Is Dying Of An Incurable CancerThis letter didn't come to us as an email nor is a transcript of a phone conversation. It came  to us in the mail from our of our dearest friends after he learned our beloved Wire Hair Terrier Cooper had an incurable cancer. If you know of someone who has a pet that is dying and want to know what to say to the them then read this letter. It encapsulates why we love our pets so much and why we are so heartbroken when we learn they are soon going to  go over the Rainbow Bridge. It also helped us to reflect that our pets might love us as much or more than we love them.
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