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Our customers have always been completely satisfied with our products and their testimonials enhance our reputation. We are too professional to want to mislead or disappoint anyone. Still, we understand that until you actually see your remembrance you may not know whether your expectations were met. That is why we always have offered a simple 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase review these terms then simply return your custom-made memorial to us for a refund.

  1. Item being returned must be received by us before 30 days from our ship date.

  2. The items must be in the same and complete condition as when it was shipped to you (including your pet's items).

  3. We will remove the pet's items you sent us from our mountings and return them to you.

  4. You pay the postage when returning the item.

  5. We will issue a refund payment via the method you paid us. That payment will be for the initial billing amount less our cumulative shipping costs and a 10% rework and frame restocking charge.

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