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Please donate to help us rescue unwanted, suffering, abused animals

and we'll make and mail you a free beautiful, personalized stretch bracelet containing both your custom message and choice of any color combination of our premium Acrybeads.

Humane Animal Treatment Charity, Inc. is an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit, compassionate Charity. Our mission is raising crucially needed funds to aid small, hands-on, all volunteer, humane animal rescue facilities that save unwanted, suffering and abused animals and prepare them for adoption. The entire proceeds of your donation go to facilities that often are the last chance and refuge for abandoned animals. Your donation is an expression of your love and compassion for our beloved furry friends who unselfishly give their unconditional love to us.


The following company has designated us as the recipient of the proceeds from every sale of their products from their website. Here's your chance to help save animals and get  high quality, benchmark product you'll love to feed your dog or give as gifts.

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Their wholesome dog treat varieties are 100% natural and vitamin rich. They are made with the purest organic ingredients and are guaranteed not to contain any dog allergens or suspected carcinogens that could shorten your cherished dog’s life.

These are the trusted treats that will keep your dog healthy and happy. Best Barkery is known to strive to exceed customer satisfaction by continuing to make their products the original careful way, in small quality controlled batches, using dedicated people passionately following their founders strict production and high quality standards.

The proceeds of your payment – from their website – for any of their fine dog treat varieties will be sent to us so we can help rescue more suffering, unwanted and abandoned dogs.

To visit their informative website to purchase these trusted treats CLICK HERE

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 In the heart of every unwanted animal is a desire to love and be loved

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